Is fashion modesty coming back?


Is the fashion industry bringing modesty back?Well here is my take on that…

Many desginers such as Dolce & Gabbana caused a stir on social media with the announcement of their new clothing line of hijabs, abayas and head coverings. Does the fashion company’s decision to release a collection inspired by typical Muslim women’s garb suggest that modesty is slowly making a stand in the fashion industry?As a matter of fact it does because for so many years Muslim women have not been considered as fashionable and I strongly tend to disagree with that fact .Being a Muslim lady I believe I’m fashionable and stylish not to forget modest in a beautiful, classy and elegant way.

The Italian fashion designers are not the first in the fashion world to make a move toward modesty. H&M and  Tommy Hilfiger already sell clothes, like hijabs, that are marketed toward Muslim women.This is encouraging to Muslim women all over the world who are not scared of venturing into the fashion industry.
Meanwhile, a growing desire for modest fashion has slowly made its mark on social media with a booming community of bloggers and online marketplaces selling to modest fashionistas.

Modest fashion bloggers such as Nasra Nuralain and Basma K  are some of the ladies i respect in the fashion world as they represent the muslim women all over the world proving they are not as oppressed as most people think that because of our religion,that women are oppressed and that they are always under the feet of men doing as the say and just being housewives.
This proves that modesty can go along way and still keeping the faith.Many fashion bloggers believe that modesty is in vogue right now.

“Fashion is about whatever is trending. This way Muslim women can dress up in a flattering way and still keep it classy and elegant.You can dress sexy but modestly in a presentable way.You can command for attention in the fashion world with modesty.

 Women from Christian, Jewish and Muslim backgrounds can find clothes that are modest and fashionable.

I can definitely see the higher-end fashion world is much more tasteful and sophisticated in their winter lines, but when summer approaches not everyone keeps up with that. We do feel if people were more aware of the fact that modest fashion was such a large market and people want to dress this way they probably would put out more.However, evening dresses are mostly modest.

  • Many fashionistas and desginers have got positive feedback from their modest styles. The consumer feedback was very positive and demanded more.This is very encouraging .